Experiencing Future Industrial Communication Technologies for Distributed Embedded Control Systems

The industrial communication market is dominated by Ethernet-based fieldbus systems. Although they share similar requirements and market segments, their implementations and ecosystems differ considerably. As a result, end customers and device manufacturers are faced with a multitude of technologies that need to be produced, run, diagnosed, maintained, and kept in stock. Although the availability of products and services is largely satisfactory, dealing with multiple solutions generates high costs and limits IoT capability. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and evaluate new concepts that enable the seamless connectivity between various protocols and technologies in a dependable manner, with the ultimate goal of providing an open communication and integration platform for distributed embedded control systems.

To this aim, you evaluate certain communication technologies, protocols, and concepts on a distributed embedded control system demonstrator (Multiple Raspberry Pis with real-time Linux and real-time network cards).


  • Defined individually based on your interests and your goals (Bachelors/Masters Thesis, Seminar Projects)


  • Programming experience and interest in new communication technologies and concepts
  • Experience with Linux, (Industrial) Network Technologies (e.g. EtherCat, TSN, Profinet, …), Python, C/C++, Docker, Kubernetes, Graph Databases is not mandatory but would be beneficial


  • As soon as possible