ANITAS Advanced NFC Interoperability Test Automation System (HWSW Group)

Near-Field Communication (NFC) can be found in a wide range of applications like access control, payment, public transport, face collection, smart poster and many more. In the framework of the ANITAS project we focus on the payment application, especially on interoperability testing. Spying the NFC communication with a sniffer coil and measuring the induced voltage with an analog measurement device are the main tasks. The analog data will be analyze to find the error root cause. The goal of the ANITAS project is to improve the interoperability test methodology.

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Student Target Groups:

  • Student in electrical or software engineering or similar studies

Thesis Type:

  • Bachelor Thesis also scalable to
  • Master Project
  • Master Thesis


  • Database: Test results gathered from the sniffing device need to be stored.
  • Test Report: Improve automated generated test report (Latex environment).
  • GUI: Implement a graphical user interface for manual signal trace analysis.
  • Signal Processing: Implement signal processing algorithms to analyze the captured signal traces.
  • FPGA: Implement additional features for the FPGA on the LimeSDR.
  • Testing: Perform characterization measurements and analyze large amount of test data.

Recomanded Prior Knowledge:

  • Team working skills;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Interest in NFC technology;


  • a.s.a.p.