AQUA - Knowledge Alliance for Training Quality and Excellence in Automotive
This project aims at implementing a certified on-line training about Best and Next Practices in implementing ISO15504 Quality, ISO26262 Functional Safety and Reliability in Automotive, unique and highly demanded by automotive companies in view of the exponentially rising complexity of functions controlled by software and electronics in modern cars. However, this should only be the first step in a long-term strategic alliance, and the partners synergies will be largely enhanced via their networks: - Automotive Sys conferences by VDA - EuroSPI conferences by ISCN - EMIRAcle research and academy network. Our partnership is innovative, because it allows covering the entire life cycle of a specific Automotive Qualification (i.e., agreeing, specifying, developing, deploying, disseminating and certifying skills) within ONE consortium. Our concrete aim is to create - a unique complementary sustainable strategic alliance for the implementation and Europe-wide deployment of modern certified VET Curricula in Quality, Functional Safety, and Reliability on an organisational level. - a complete certified VET on-line training program (alternatively 3-days classroom training) on Best and Next Practices in implementing ISO15504 Quality, ISO26262 Functional Safety and Reliability in Automotive. - significant impact during the project, which will be the basis for successful broad exploitation, by a very strict and targeted dissemination strategy mainly facilitated by the Automotive Associations (which influence and decide about Automotive VET Training and Education curricula all over their countries) and all associated networks.


  • A unique, sustainable strategic alliance for modern certified VET Curricula for the automotive sector capable of Europe-wide implementation
  • Certified VET training course: Integrated Quality, Functional Safety, and Reliability on organisational level
  • Significant impact in the automotive sector by working closely with Automotive Associations: in DE, AT, SI, FR, NL, CZ


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Content overview

Training material around practical case studies is currently being created for the following subjects:

U1 Introduction

This unit gives an overview about the purpose and necessity of each expert domain with respect to quality and safety, as well as the need of an integrated approach. Both technical and organisational viewpoints are elaborated.

  • U1.E1 Standards, Norms, and Guidelines

  • U1.E2 Organisational readiness

U2 Product Development

This unit investigates the domain expert and integrated views on the subject of product development. Based on the life cycle view, the principal subjects are requirements management, design, as well as integration and testing.

  • U2.E1 Lifecycle
  • U2.E2 Requirements
  • U2.E3 Design 
  • U2.E4 Integration and Testing

U3 Quality and Safety management

This unit puts a focus on the program's essential aspects quality and safety management in terms of the transversal subjects Capability, Hazard and Risk Management, as well as Assessment and Audit. It explains the particular significance of these subjects in each expert domain, and why and how an integrated view can and should be adopted.

  • U3.E1 Capability
  • U3.E2 Hazard & Risk management
  • U3.E3 Assessment and audit

U4 Measure

This unit deals with measurements and reliability in the context of the three expert domains and their integration.

  • U4.E1 Measurements
  • U4.E2 Reliability

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Funding sources
  • European Commission - Europäische Kommission, EU
External Partners
  • Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH, Möbel- und Holzbau-Cluster, MHC
  • European Certification and Qualification Association, ECQA
  • Slovenski avtomobilski grozd, GIZ ACS
  • I.S.C.N. International Software Consulting Network LTD
  • European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association, c/o Délégation Générale de Région Rhône-Alpes
Research areas
  • Education and Training
Start: 31.12.2012
End: 30.03.2015

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