Traffic Simulation Workshop 2008

Workshop on Traffic Modeling: Traffic Behavior and Simulation June 30 – July 02, 2008 Objectives: …to bring together the foremost experts, modelers, software developers and users to (1) assess the future needs for traffic models, (2) review the states of the art and practice and (3) identify directions for further research and model development. The workshop followed a series of workshops previously being held in Sedona, AZ (2005), Sitges, Spain (2003) and Tuscon, AZ (2001). The three-day workshop consisted of several invited plenary talks remarking on the state of the art and practice. Software presentations and a breakout session explored themes related to traffic modeling and identified directions of further research and development. In particular, presentations and discussions on the following topics were treated: • Driver behavior modeling • Driver strategic route-choice decision making • Calibration and validation of model • Modular architectures for simulation systems (micro-macro modeling) • Simulation modeling in design and optimization • Simulation modeling in evacuation management • Simulation modeling with vehicle-infrastructure communication • Needs and requirements of users and other stakeholders

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