Dates for thesis presentations

During the semester, presentations of bachelor theses, master theses, and dissertations take place every month.

Guidelines for the duration of the presentation:

  • Bachelor thesis: 15 minutes
  • Master thesis (intermediate presentation): 15 minutes
  • Master thesis (final presentation): 25 minutes

Please register at Mrs. Paulitsch or Mrs.Doczy, at the latest one week before the day of the presentation.

Next appointment:

13th of June - 13:00

Place: seminar room INK1063


Lukas Knoflach (Bachelor thesis)

"Das TEB-Prinzip zur Trajektorienplanung für autonome Roboter "


Andreas Sitter (Master-Seminar)

"Investigation of the paper: Control of platoons of heavy-duty vehicles using a delay-based spacing policy"




More dates for presentations:







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