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Award for excellent grades

During the award ceremony excellent students get a tea cup with the IRT-logo (max. 1).

Everyone, who completes lecture and practical class of one of these courses with grade "Sehr gut" according to the new exam mode (lectures and practical classes are assessed separately) may register oneself at the secretariat.

  • Control Systems 1
  • Control Systems 2
  • Systems Engineering
  • Automatic Control

Students, who complete lecture and practical class of both courses, Control Systems 1 and Control Systems 2, respectively Systems Engineering and Automatic Control, with "Sehr gut" get an additional pack of IRT coffee beans.

Students, who attend

  • Control Engineering I
  • Control Engineering II

get a tea cup with the IRT-logo and a pack of IRT coffee beans, if they complete both lectures and the practical class Control Engineering II with "Sehr gut".

The next award is on Thursday, March 29th 2018 at 9:00.

Please send your registration by E-mail to:Eveline Paulitsch


Pictures of past events

1st IRT-award:

Dantendorfer Simon
Herbst Daniel
Kaum Florian
Korlat Edvin
Lafer Tobias
Pürstner Michael
Vogtberg Markus
Walch Roman

2nd IRT-award:

Oberhollenzer Julian

Pürstner Michael

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