amm – funiture by architects

amm is located at the Faculty of Architecture of Graz University of Technology.
amm is based on a class.
amm are the selected results of this class.
amm stands for a unique concept in Europe, maybe worldwide.
amm is furniture made by architects.
amm emerges from the seminar furniture design production.

Under the expert guidance of Judith Augustinovič and Rainer Eberl, students design and produce wooden prototypes. Intensive examination and questioning of the respective function itself characterize the high level of the finished furniture and at the same time signal the pleasure of experimenting.

Amm objects are created far from convention and boredom: to look at and touch, to smell and to try out - they invite you to a sensual overall experience. amm keeps it up, craftsmanship is not luxury for a few, but a necessary strategy for the entire society.

The individualized solution strategies of the respective designs always find solid and practical implementations in technical finesse and minimized use of solid wood. In addition to the usual criteria u.a. like proportions, statics and ergonomics, amm pays particular attention to the fairness of material as well as the conformity of constructive and design quality.

amm stocked with selected results of the seminar, which evolved, refined and refined those small fine collection. amm cooperates with regional companies. If materials other than wood are used, amm seeks specialists from the business world.

In the last two years, amm has not only succeeded in developing selected designs to market maturity, but also in attracting attention through a striking appearance: strong-looking pictures and reduced exhibition contributions speak for themselves. All tasks and functions, organization and execution are done in the small but fine team of students around Judith Augustinovič and Rainer Eberl.

amm demonstrates a threshold between academic teaching and business with great synergistic potential. The immediate implementation of a draft into practice allows students to subject their own ideas, concepts and expressions to critical analysis, to gain insights and, if necessary, to make changes. Accompanying the processes to the market launch provides valuable insights into the working world of future designer architects.

Furniture as a part of the architecture is an expression of the respective culture and the associated lifestyle. Training furniture does not only improve the intellectual understanding of architecture, but also promotes the relationship between heart, brain and hand to the most fruitful.

*Exhibition manifesto, VIENNA BIENNALE 2015