Mohammadsadegh Salehi


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About me

I was born in Tafresh, Iran. I did my bachelor in the field of Chemical Engineering at University of Tehran in 2010, and I earned my Master’s degree in Transport Phenomena at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2012. My Master’s Thesis was “CFD Investigation into effective parameters on Lithium-Titanate gas–solid fluidized bed hydrodynamics “.

Afterwards, I started my collaboration with Sharif University of Technology in CFD simulation of solid flow behaviour in bubbling fluidized bed. I also had the chance to collaborate with Technical University of Berlin in order to investigate the reactor performance in oxidative coupling of methane using CFD for two years.

I started my collaboration with Institute of Process and Particle Engineering in March 2016 in order to verify CFDEM® code against analytical solution for heat transfer in the packed bed.

In August 2016, I started my PhD at Institute of Process and Particle Engineering, TU Graz. We are working on developing CFDEM® code for simulation of three-phase flow.

Research interests

I am interested in simulation of reactive multiphase flows, understanding particulate flow and developing CFD-DEM codes. Currently, I am working on CFD-DEM simulation of three-phase flow with application in flotation process and reactive bubbly flow consisting solid particles. OpenFOAM® is used to simulate fluid flow, LIGGGHTS® is employed to model bubbles as well as particles and coupling between them is performed by CFDEM®.

Results from heat transfer in a packed bed.