Manuel Maier

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About me

In 2011, I started my studies at Graz University of Technology in the field of chemical process engineering and graduated in 2017 with Diploma/Master. During my studies I joined the research group “Continuous Processes” of Heidrun Gruber-Wölfler at the Institute of Process and Particle Engineering (IPPE).

Immediately after my graduation, I enrolled as Ph.D. student and got employed as a project assistant at IPPE where I am involved in the CC-Flow and One-Flow project.

Research interests

In my Ph.D. projects my task is to design continuous processes and reactors for synthesis of multiphase reactions as well as directly coupled continuous crystallizer in the milli- and micro scale.  For that I apply detailed reaction and mass transfer analysis with experimental and numerical methods.

Further research interests include PAT tools for in-line monitoring and controlling of processes, multiphase reaction engineering as well as CFD simulation of multiphase milli- and micro reactors.


Beside the standard tools of the group for characterization of synthesis compounds and particles, it is planned to build a flow calorimeter as a tool for the investigation of reaction parameters to obtain critical reaction information for the design of reactors.

The tool that I will apply for the reactor production is additive manufacturing, i.e. the directly generation of physical objects from a virtual computer aided design (CAD). This will be done in a close cooperation with Anton Paar and Lithoz.