Bianca Grabner

Bianca Grabner
Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Institute of Process and Particle Engineering
Inffeldgasse 13/III
8010 Graz

+43 (316) 873 - 30409
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About me

Born in Eastern Styria, I moved to Graz to study Chemistry after I completed my A-levels in Hartberg. After the Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry I decided to study Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering for the Master. For my master thesis on ionic liquid coated enzymes I worked at the Technical University of Denmark. Immediately after graduation I started my job as university assistant under Ass.‑Prof. Gruber-Wölfler at the Institute of Particle and Process Engineering in January 2016 where I am currently working on my PhD on the continuous synthesis of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).


Research interests

In the framework of my PhD I develop continuous processes for sustainable API synthesis. Therefore, I use enzymes and metal catalysts implemented in fixed-bed reactors.

The focus lies on the enzymatic synthesis of the characteristic Statin side-chain with its two chiral centres and the subsequent coupling of this side-chain to the heterocyclic core of the molecule with the use of a Palladium catalyst.



For my experimental work various continuous reactors are available at the institute. Besides commercially available continuously stirred tank reactors and tubular reactors the in-house developed so-called „Plug and Play“ reactor is an important tool. For analytics I use gas chromatography (Perkin‑Elmer Clarus 500) and HPLC. In order to characterise the compounds, I make use of NMR and FTIR spectroscopy.