IKS/Institute/Research Areas

Space Missions and Development of Space qualified Hardware and Software

  • Satellite construction including testing
  • Operation and control of nanosatellite missions
  • Experiments for sounding rockets
  • Flight hardware for the Space Station

Communications Engineering

Satellite and terrestrial broadband communication

  • Internet via satellite
  • Digital TV and interactive Internet applications
  • 40 GHz Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
  • Tele-education, telemedicine and Emergency Communications as applications
  • Communications systems for air platforms

Data transmission

  • Modulation method
  • Error correction method (Coding)
  • Multiple access methods (Multiple Access)


  • Optimization of IP protocol suite for wireless networks
  • Quality of Service (QoS) in IP Networks
  • Simulation of Networks

Upper Atmosphere

  • Radio wave propagatio
  • Trace gases (Trace Constituents)
  • Empirical Modelling
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