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Q&A Students

What are the benefits for students?
The “product innovation project” is a big chance to gain practical experience during your studies. There are many important and interesting reasons to join the project:

  • Create new concepts and put them into reality!
  • Produce your prototypes at the brandnew Schumpeter Laboratory of Innovation in Graz! 
  • Work and have fun within an international and diverse community!
  • Gain Project Management skills and have a great learning experience!
  • Talk to company representatives and get practical experience!
  • Get ECTS Credits for your Study Program!
  • Present @ Innovation Festival, TU Graz and impress Austria´s leading CEOs!

How much ECTS will I receive?
You will get 7 ECTS in total. For some study programs on Graz University of Technology, „Product Innovation“ is even part of the study plan. To see if that applies to your studies have a   look on online.tugraz.at

What is a project manager doing?
Every single project needs a manger who is guiding the team through the ups and downs and is the main contact person for the industrial partner and the university. For project managers   we are looking for highly motivated students that are willing to improve their leadership qualities. You will be responsible to manage your team (project process, team conflicts,…) and you will get the chance to get first hand leadership coaching and experience.

When will the course start?
The course will start in mid of November and finish in June 2020.

What is expected of me, when I attend this course?
We are seeking for highly motivated students who want to learn something about product development, apply their knowledge and don´t fear to think outside the box or try something new.  We expect students to actively attend in the course and give their best efforts, as your learning experience is highly dependent on the efforts you put in.

Is it possible to attend this course beside my studies and/or my job?
The course is designed in the most flexible way, meaning the time in which you work on the project can be chosen individually – there are only a handful of workshops that require   attendance at a certain time. However, as this experience is still time consuming, we don´t recommend this course to people who are already taking a full-time study program and additionally have a part-time job.


Patrick Herstätter
PI Project Leader

Infeldgasse 11/III
8010 Graz

+43 316 873 7796