Summary of BauSIM 2020

The BauSIM conference of IBPSA Germany and Austria took place virtually from 23rd to 25th September 2020. The conference, hosted by Graz University of Technology, was chaired by Prof. Michael Monsberger and Prof. Christina J Hopfe from the institute of building construction, and Prof. Markus Kruger and Prof.Alexander Passer from the institute of technology and testing of construction materials. It was the 8th conference in the biennial BauSIM series. It was attended by more than 165 delegates from 14 countries, making it the most attended BauSIM conference since it inauguration in 2006. 

TU Graz develops heating and cooling facad
October 2017

A facade that cools in summer and heats in winter, and that with the power of the sun: What sounds like future is currently being developed at Graz University of Technology in cooperation with a Slovenian company.

A facade should be able to do more than just complete a room - that is the basic idea of the researchers at Graz University of Technology, who are now trying to integrate several functions into one facade - namely to warm and to cool the interiors.

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Excursion Roofprotector
29th of September 2017

Shortly before the beginning of the semester a small excursion to Klagenfurt took place; it was the Fleischmann & Petschnig roofing Ges.m.b.H. visited in the capital of Kärnten. Central topic was the roofing technology, in particular the so-called "Roofprotector". It permanently monitors the status of the moisture content in the flat roof package and records relevant measurement data using measuring sensors.

Thanks to the company FP-Dach for insights into a product with future.

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Pratical experince - Building yard in Übelbach
August 2017

Also this year, the students had the opportunity to visit a Bauhofpraxiskurs at the Bauakademie Steiermark in Übelbach to get a feel for the work on the construction.

By professional supervision, for example, the following work was carried out:

  • laying bricks
  • moving windows and doors
  • plastering masonry
  • producing a floor structure
  • demolition work

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Conference of Building Physics 2016
Thursday 27th of October

The Conference of Building Physics 2016 was successful and we would like to thank the generous supporters, the excellent guest speakers and of course the 200 visitors with their interesting contributions and discussions.
Furthermore, we would like to thank all participants in the background who made this conference possible.

We look forward to cooperations that have emerged in the course of this conference and are already looking to the future for the next Conference of Building Physics.

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CESBP / BauSIM 2016
14th to 16th of September
At the international conference were discussed topics such as building physics and energy-efficient building, simulation-based planning tools for building energy technology and technical development. Through the interdisciplinary networking with research partners in combination with workshops and training a steady progress is guaranteed at the Institute for Building Construction.

f.l.t.r: DI Ferk, Prof. Monsberger, Prof. Kautsch, BM DI Hafellner

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Conference of Building Physics 2016
Thursday 27th of October from 9 – 18
Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz

The program of the conference is fixed and available. We look forward to the exciting contributions and thank the generous supporters who make a high-quality event possible.
Download Folder 2016
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grauer Frosch auf blauem Hintergrund

Conference of Building Physics 2016
Thursday, 27th of October from 9 – 18
Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz
The conference concept unites speakers from different disciplines who are directly or indirectly linked to building physics. The conference offers space for interdisciplinary thinking and directs the attention to different fields of knowledge. Research and development cooperation at and with the Technical University reflects the importance of cooperation in multidisciplinary networks.


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