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© C. Menichini et al. "Predicting false lumen thrombosis in patient-specific models of aortic dissection.“ J. R. Soc. Interface, 13:20160759, 2016.

Lead Project “Numerical simulation of blood flow-induced conductivity changes in the human aorta”

TU Graz is funding the joint research project  “Numerical simulation of blood flow-induced conductivity changes in the human aorta” as a Lead project of the university. The goal of this project is to use engineering science to develop advanced computational tools and algorithms and to assist clinicians with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of AD patients. The Lead project finances 10 positions for PhD candidates, one of these at IGTE.

Contact: Prof. Oszkár Bíró


Application of numerical Simulation Methods for Analysis of Radio Interference Radiation

PhD Student: MSc Susanne Maria Bauer

  Development of numerical methods and method coupling with main focus on wave propagation problems and applications for EMC.

Simulation of motion induction by exploiting the finite element method

PhD student: MSc Gebhard Josef Wallinger

  The analysis of e.g. rotating electrical machines is not straightforward, since the relative movement between a fixed finite element mesh and a moved mesh needs to be taken into account. At this PhD work different methods to couple with so called non-conforming meshes are analysed and implemented at the in house software EleFAnT3D.

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