159.780 PE & SE Building Energy Performance | W/S | 6SWS | 8ECTS | Master


Prof. Brian Cody, Anyla Berisha MScDipl.-Ing. Markus Bartaky

Platinum or Sustainable?

Are sustainability assessment certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, ÖGNI etc. suitable tools to achieve the goal of greenhouse gas emission reduction in the construction and operation of buildings?

According to widely published studies, it is possible to achieve a high certification rating without measurably contributing to a reduction in energy demand and/or greenhouse gas emissions.

Should we be encouraging building owners to target platinum or gold status certification or helping them to make more sustainable buildings which require less energy and carbon to construct and operate?

Or should we be doing both? Are the two aims mutually exclusive or simultaneously achievable? Do certifications systems need to be overhauled to better support carbon emissions reduction? Can we conceive alternative more effective approaches?

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