Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2020

Journal Article
Harald Schaffernak, Birgit Moesl, Wolfgang Vorraber and Ioana Victoria Koglbauer Potential Augmented Reality Application Areas for Pilot Education: An Exploratory Study Show publication in PURE
Michael Klanner and Katrin Ellermann Steady-state linear harmonic vibrations of multiple-stepped Euler-Bernoulli beams under arbitrarily distributed loads carrying any number of concentrated elements Show publication in PURE
Conference/Workshop Article
Gian Marco Melito, Alireza Jafarinia, Thomas Hochrainer and Katrin Ellermann Sensitivity Analysis of a Hemodynamic-based Model for Thrombus Formation and Growth Proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Sciences (EECSS’20) Show publication in PURE
Alice Reinbacher-Köstinger, Vahid Badeli, Gian Marco Melito, Christian Magele and Oszkar Biro Numerical simulation of various electrode configurations in impedance cardiography to identify aortic dissection 17th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance 51-54 Show publication in PURE
Other Article
Jan Egger, Simon Gunacker, Antonio Pepe, Gian Marco Melito, Christina Gsaxner, Jianning Li, Katrin Ellermann and Xiaojun Chen A comprehensive Workflow and Framework for immersive Virtual Endoscopy of dissected Aortae from CTA Data Show publication in PURE

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