Low Frequency Currents Source Identification

Transient Stability Analysis and Post-Fault Restart Strategy for Current-Limited Grid-Forming Converter

Earth faults in medium voltage cables and the electrical interference in the vicinity of swimming pools

Analysis of long‐term GIC measurements in transformers in Austria

Measurement based transformer modelling approach

Development and Evaluation of an Algorithm for the Automated Reconfiguration of Low-Voltage Grids

Investigation of the FRT capability of a hydrogenerator with special reference to the back-swing effect

Geomagnetically induced currents: A measurement based inverse determination of earth impedances

Domain of Attraction’s Estimation for Grid Connected Converters with Phase-Locked Loop

Geomagnetically Induced Currents and Space Weather Prediction in Austria

On WAMS-based Emergency Outage Detection using Optimization

Study of stability after low voltage ride-through caused by phase-locked loop of grid-side converter

Systematic stability analysis, evaluation and testing process, and platform for grid-connected power electronic equipment

Geomagnetically Induced Current Measurement in the Austrian Transmission Grid

Field experience of small quasi DC bias on power transformers A first classification of low-frequency current pattern and identification of sources

Behavior of wind turbines with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) in the event of short circuits and other grid faults

Advanced Automated Emergency Control Strategy for Embedded VSC-HVDC Links

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