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The Institute of Electrical Power Systems of the University of Technology Graz is responsible for the teaching, research, development and scientific studies concerning technical aspects of electrical power systems and power supply systems.

Fullfilling these tasks the base can be found in development and usage of mathematic simulation programs and the performance of measurement technology based research for the analysis and planning of electrical power supply systems in the fields of production, transmission and dispersion. Besides electrical aspects such as technical feasibility in prinicple and realisation in the meaning of an universal university wide attempt the accompanying inspection and implementation of technic-economical optimisation and technic-juridical aspects of electrical energy systems as well as matters of ecological compatibility, sustainability and social acceptability are to be taken into account.

Our areas of activity comprise the following subjects of the electrical power supply:

  • Production, transmission and distribution of electrical power
  • Power Quality
  • Decentralised power generation
  • Utilisation of electrical power / energy efficiency
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and interference

Brief description of our main subjects

Calculations of the load flow, earth fault and short circuit of electrical power grids are the bases for planning, development and operation of mains power supply and distribution networks. A very important topic of the institute is the development of new network- and customer structures that are adjusted to the demands of a liberalised power market as well as their technic-economical optimisation. Warranty of stability of generation, transmission of electrical power and an economical as well as technical efficient management in times of hard supply are the basics of electrical power systems which are taken for the analysis and evaluation of power quality as well. The topic of the institute “Power Quality” includes the calculation, measurement and analysis of power quality, system perturbations, flickers and harmonics, voltage dips and voltage drops.
The expedient implementation of classic power plants and power plants on base of dezentralised renewable energy into the network and isolated grids as well as the technic analysis of electrical power supply systems are not only important matters of engineering and organisation but are also of very important sociopolitical interest considering environmental future targets of the european union. The purpose of efficient utilisation of electrical power within municipal, commercial and industrial systems can be reached by optimisation and strategies of economisation, process analysis and energy flow studies with the help of power- and energy management.

As for the topics of protection, disturbance management and reliability of electrical power systems the development of new protection systems takes in a leading position besides the extension and enhancement of already existing systems. This applies for the protection of persons as well as for power systems.

The analysis and evaluation of ohmic and inductive interference (effects of low frequency electrimagnetic fields) on other technic equipment caused by electrical power systems as well as the electromagnetic compatibility taking into account technical and environmental aspects are further current topics of highest importance of the institute. This application area covers the calculation, measurement and analysis as well as the optimisation and development of methods resulting a reduction of electromagnetic fields of overhead lines, wires and electrical power systems in housing, trade and industry. The optimisation of grounding systems and the minimisation of effects of ohmic and inductive influence on pipeline systems are parts of these topics as well.

Activities in the field of e-Learning and the development of multimedia material for teaching at universities and for matters of life long learning reflect the efforts of didactic research of the institute.

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