Ongoing Theses


Upon request, you will receive suggestions for topics on which you can write theses at our institute. We are open for your topic suggestions as well.

Requests and arrangements, depending on are of expertise, to:

Prof. Hopfe
Email: c.j.hopfenoSpam@tugraz.at
business card: TUGRAZonline

Prof. McLeod
Email: mcleod@tugraz.at
business card: TUGRAZonline

Prof. Monsberger
Email: michael.monsbergernoSpam@tugraz.at
business card: TUGRAZonline

Ass. Prof. Hafellner
Email: hafellnernoSpam@tugraz.at
business card: TUGRAZonline


List of open Master Theses: Download English; Download German

Master Thesis in cooporation with AEE INTEC: Download English; Download German


Completed Thesis


- 2017

All theses can be found here