Triaxiale Versuchsanlage
Triaxiale Versuchsanlage

Geotechnical Laboratory


Laboratory Equipment:

  • Process-controlled triaxial testing machines, also for unsaturated
  • Computerized Oedometer-testing devices
  • Shear test facilities up to 30 x 30 cm
  • Measuring instruments for suspension-testing
  • Equipment for particle size distribution analysis
  • Triaxial test facility for conducting permeability tests
  • Thermal Laboratory to conduct frost heaving tests and determine
    the thermal conductivity of soils
  • Means to carry out air permeability tests
  • Research-hall with a trial pit 3 x 3 x 9 m to carry out
    large-scale tests
  • Insitu-Permeability-testing with a Standpipe for sealing- and
    road-base layers
  • Inclinimeter measuring equipment
  • Sounding tools
  • Pore water pressure gauges
  • Workshop for the processing of wood, metal and plastics
  • Electronics laboratory
  • etc.

Margit Rückert

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