Computational Geotechnics Group

Emphasis of the work of the Computational Geotechnics Group is put on nonlinear finite element analyses of problems relevant for practical geotechnical engineering and the development of constitutive models based on the multilaminate framework.

Current Research Activities

performance of strength reduction finite element analysis
integral bridges
numerical analysis of slope stability considering partially saturated soils
Anchors pull-out tests
Influence of individual strut failure
Numerical simulation of in-situ testing using a Particle Finite Element Method

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Finished Research Activities

A multilaminate model for overconsolidated soils
A constitutive model for shotcrete
Back analyses of the deformation response to underground constructions
Comparison OF EC7 design approaches for shallow tunnels
Numerical analyses of face stability in shallow tunnels
applicaion of advanced constitutive model for ground improvement
influence of entrapped air on time-dependent pore pressure distribution in soils
numerical simulation of a dynamic cone penetration in Martian soil
Integral Bridges
Computational Geotechnics Group

Group Leader: Helmut F. Schweiger