Institute of Architecture Technology

The Institute of Architecture Technology - IAT - persues a destinctly holistic approach in research and teaching, especially in the respect that construction and design cannot be considered as single disciplines. They rather form an inseperable unit. For many years, the IAT was the only institute of this name German-spaking world. To provide a clear communication, the fields the IAT is active in we are divided into three main areas: teaching IAT|edu, research IAT|lab and publications IAT|pub.                                                   

In 2017 the IAT was able to expand and also includes a professorship for Architecture and Timber Construction. The endowed professorship is supported by the Austrian Timber Industry pro:Holz.


Head of Institute

Roger Riewe

2nd Deputy Head of Institute

Marisol Vidal Martinez


Monja Suschnig

University Assistants

Clemens Berlach
Martin Boles
Lukas Gschweitl
Christoph Haidacher
Carina Kurz
Toni Levak
Jörg Schröder

Senior Scientist

Matthias Raudaschl

Student Assistants

Annalena Arminger
Dennis Baumgartner
Daniel Gradwohl
Christina Hain
Emirhan Kilic
Daniel Schrempf
Sandra Sulzer
Sara Travar

Student Research Assistants

Mike Asteiner
Ema Drnda
Alexander Lukas Gündera
Selina Haingartner
Semjon Popek
David Schlegl

Riegler Riewe Architekten        
HDA Graz                                                     
Az Wien                                                    
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Head of
Timber Construction
1st Deputy Head of Institute

Tom Kaden


Assistants Timber Construction

Stephan Brugger
Ernst Dengg
Bettina Gossak-Kowalski

Student Assistants Timber Construction

Elisabeth Beis
Christian Keuschnig
Martin Maurer