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From project to product!
Berlin is a startup hotspot not only in Germany, but also belongs to Europe´s most popular cites for starting a business with a high numbers of foundings every year. Many young entrepreneurs, are flocking to the German capital to be a part of this healthy growing ecosystem.
The city and its vibrant startup-scene are still growing and redefining themselves continuously. It is the place where creativity and technology are meeting and by merging can create new revolution in market.
Let´s  create an open incubator for young entrepreneurs in the field of Industrial Design 
providing infrastructure and professional support allowing the development of innovative research findings from creative-technology fields into marketable products as well as helping start-ups during their foundation.
Situated at the Campus Charlottenburg the new structure will operate as direct interface between academic research and industry, connecting different people and giving impulses for new ideas.

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„The only revolutionary force is the force of creativity“ (Joseph Beuys) 
Our design studio will focus on the topic of education, research and creativity concerning architecture.         
Characteristic for nowadays world of science and education is its autnomous entity. Creative exchange or cross-fertilization almost never happen. This kind of isolation prevents innovation. 
With regard to these problems we will design a ‚research & education hub‘ located in the campus of TU Berlin. This hub intends to enable the exchange of knowledge and creativity and is supposed to function as a space of integration (‚inter-space‘)  in the campus. Therefore the hub seeks to evoke   unexpected and informal conjunction between different diciplines and stakeholders (‚hybrid-space‘).     
Due to this we will ask for structures of architectural space that enables the exange and the creation of knowledge and creativity. Furthermore we will ask for the potential architecture has to give a wider public access to knowledge and education.  
Our studio-work is going to be process-orientaded. For this we will follow a research-orientated and experimantal design path. Two suitable seminars will go along with the studio supporting our work thematically.

Masterstudio_Wood Design and Construction
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Expansion of the Reinbeckhallen in Berlin-Oberschöneweide
Berlin is booming - still? 

Artists helped to make "disreputable" districts chic. The real estate market is gratefully accepting this trend of urban development and is increasingly developing upwards. Fewer and fewer people can still afford to live and work in gentrified neighborhoods. With the migration of this first wave of gentrification, which mainly consists of artists, students and squatters, to remote peripheral areas, the "hip" identity of these districts is also increasingly fading. What remains of the creative "dirty chic" is a commercialized image of it. The city struggles to maintain its image as a creative, productive art and cultural metropolis. 
The play on words Multiplicity Berlin refers to a culturally productive district that owes its identity to the diversity of actors who constantly play it and constantly renegotiate, animate and help shape public space.
In Berlin-Oberschöneweide, a place has been created in the Reinbekchallen, where artists and cultural workers can settle down and realize their work in the long term, independent of gentrification. A former industrial site has been transformed into a lively, creative and innovative area with a future. A place which, shaped by art and culture, can create a lasting identity.

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The free floor plan design of Mies van der Rohe will be analysed and discussed. Following the footsteps of Mies v. d. Rohe, an understanding of the connection between typology and context is to be established.

SyT_System Technologies
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The seminar "System Technologies" accompanies the studio "B_LEAP: BERLIN" and focuses on the design process in industrial design. Based on the development of an idealized space, this process is systematically examined and constructively answered.

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The content of the course is to deal with the complexities of a facade in the context of the structure of a building on different levels and to go into the system immanent interrelations in depth.

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The definition of Space is created by arranging individual geometric elements (line, surface, bar, disc, etc.) into a perceptible structural framework. The silhouette of an object, for example, can have a legible figure - but does not have to be.
In the same way, architecture is based on structures that cannot be limited to spatial programmes, structural systems, development principles and the like, but are based on an architectural capacity for articulation and our perception.
The aim of the course is to enable students to read and reflect on spatial structures and to apply them to their own work, taking into account their interrelationships with context, artistic concept, materialisation and building construction.

MaT_Material and Technology
Seminar (Studio_3)                                                                         Registration   TUGonline

Timber construction is booming! Climate change, energy and resource-saving thinking and above all new technological developments have led to rapid growth. However, the increase in the proportion of wood in the construction sector alone does not go far enough. In order to really do justice to the idea of sustainability, it is urgently necessary to think about service life, potential for subsequent use and ultimately the recyclability of the building substance. The adaptability of the floor plan typologies, the construction method and component complexity, but also the maintenance and repair effort have a significant influence on the service life. 
In the seminar "Material and Technology" we take a critical look back and look at the timber construction projects in Styria over the last 20 years. We analyse realised buildings typologically and constructively in order to be able to better evaluate the utilisation and service life of wooden residential buildings in the future.

SyT_System Technologies
Seminar (Elective subject) Group Kaden                                Registration   TUGonline

In the seminar "System Technologies" we will deal with the current trends in large-volume, urban timber construction. After a research and analysis of current or under construction large projects, these are visited in the context of an excursion accompanied by the architects and the executing carpentry.

AVA_Call for tenders, contract placement, billing
Seminar (Elective Subject)                                                           
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The seminar TAA deals with the basics of cost calculation, the time sequence from the tender to the accounting and the form, type and content of tender documents. Furthermore, the awarding procedure and the types of awarding as well as the preparation of a bill of quantities as part of the construction contract will be dealt with. 
The aim of the seminar TAA is to convey technical and legal basics for the preparation of cost calculation bases and specifications as well as for the tendering and award of services. The construction contract, cost control and the invoicing of construction services will also be dealt with. 

CoMa_Cost Management
Seminar (Elective Subject)                                                         
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"the architect as entrepreneur"
The Cost Management seminar provides an understanding of the tools of internal cost planning and corporate management. Topics include office cost control, project and corporate management, cost accounting types and office cost average rate calculation.
In addition, corporate management, personnel management, marketing, acquisition and the preparation of a business plan will be covered.

CfA_Civil Law for Architects
Seminar (Elective Subject)                                                           Registration   TUGonline

Overview of the legal foundations and the systematics of civil law. Extensive, in part in-depth examination of the legal areas of general contract law, default, warranty, damages and contract for work and services law, which are particularly important for the exercise of the architect's profession, with a focus on building contracts and contracts for work and services by architects.

SFS_Structure Form Space
Lecture (Elective Subject)                                                            Registration   TUGonline

In the lecture different aspects of modern timber construction are explained and discussed.
The regular lectures are supported by guest lectures, among others, from the fields of fire protection, TGA and cost planning. At the end, the construction of detail points and the topic of prefabrication will be discussed in detail.
The aim is to gain an understanding of timber construction and all its facets and to integrate these into the design in a further step.