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Nowadays we are experiencing that cooking is partially disappearing from the everyday life of modern society. In the past, however, cooking and eating together was an important way of connecting people. But cooking as entertainment is also often one of the activities sought in social media. For this reason, we have decided to transform the virtual space of social media into a physical world of modern cooking. Kitchen and dining room, where different actors without distinction of age, gender, nationality, religion or experience could meet to become a new think tank for people.
The design of one (or more) common kitchens is the main goal of this project. We are looking for the spatial idea from the perspective of the chefs, where cooking itself becomes an entertainment for everyone. We see it as a new typology, where the creation of a program and its functionality opens new perspectives to attract new communities.

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The Landesberufsschulzentrum (LBS) in Sankt Peter is a hub of vocational training schools of supra-regional relevance. Last year, there were nearly 5.000 apprentices  learning almost 60 different skilled trades. Many of these students hail from other Austrian federal states or from further parts of Styria. Their homes and families are too far to commute daily, thus needing specific accommodation nearby. However, the only existing boarding school (Naglergasse) can currently host less than 4% of the pupils of the Landesberufsschulzentrum. 
This problem has been acknowledged by the Styrian Government, leading to several provisory actions (agreements with youth centres and hostels) and to mid-term plans of building specific accommodation facilities in and/or near the LBS-campus. 
For this term’s E4+EST task we propose two of these new buildings in order to give an appropriate answer to the different accommodation needs of two age groups:
<16 for younger students, who are leaving home for the first time and need some supervision
>17 for older students, who are already rather independent and autonomous
Both buildings will have a public ground floor, serving the community of the LBS in the case of the <16 building and the visitors of the nearby cemetery in the case of the >17 building. 

DSpez_Design of specialised topics
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Timber construction is emerging from its niche and can now implement its qualities in a wide field of application! The motto is: Serial, industrialized production of building elements and modules for buildings in urban areas! Fast, dry, precise and in highest quality.
But how can the economic advantages of "industrial wood system production" be combined with the architectural demands for design, spatial, functional and social quality?
Within the scope of designing specialized topics we deal with modern production methods in timber construction and search for concepts and floor plan typologies for an "individualized system production" using the example of an apprentice dormitory.

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The lecture offers an in-depth examination of construction methods in connection with design. In accordance with the formulated teaching objectives, the content is structured from large to small, so that each detailed piece of information is presented in the structure of the whole. Cross-connections between different constructional contents should, in accordance with architectural reality, present building construction as a complex, technical, functional and aesthetic structure, as well as address the given circumstances of climate change in connection with the building industry and its consumption of resources with regard to sustainability.

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A big city pulsates, the city of Graz throbs, Grazbachgasse flows.
Situated on a busy arterial road in the immediate vicinity of Jakominiplatz, we find a promising plot of land that offers architects a variety of design scenarios. After successful submission to the authorities, we are now trying to bring the project to life. Taking into account the legal, building physics and static principles, an implementation plan is now to be drawn up on the basis of the submitted plans. Special attention will be paid to the understanding of the interaction of different trades and the preparation of concrete proposals for detailed constructional solutions at the state of the art.

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During the workshop, design-relevant aspects from the various fields of architecture are worked on and practiced in a time-concentrated process.
The aim is to analyse a task in a short time, to evaluate the situation, to develop concepts and to formulate them in a draft within a given time frame ready for presentation. This is to be conveyed in the form of models, plans and supplementary presentations as well as verbally descriptive.
The acquired skills are to be seen as input for "designing" and applied in this.