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  • VB.Net Applikationen
  • CAE (3D-CFD, FEM, MKS)
  • PDM (Teamcenter, Enovia V6)
  • Wissensbasierte Entwicklungsmethoden
  • Konzeptionelle Gesamtfahrzeugentwicklung


Research projects


The integration of supporting virtual engineering methods into 3D-CAD based development processes leads to increased requirements, concerning the software packages as well as regarding the applied procedures and strategies. Modern IT-based engineering tools offer much more than the conventional development methodologies in component generation and digital mock-up processes. The trend definitely goes into the direction of simultaneous CAE - support during the layout and design phases, attendant quality and structural management and the implementation of external data sources and receivers into the product development. It is up to the engineers to tap the full potential of virtual engineering processes regarding time reduction, error prevention in early phases and through technical modifications, whereas the applied methods and strategies represent a key factor on the way to efficient progresses. The present project includes an assessment and evaluation of modern 3D-CAD based development processes and the development of future prospects in the field of virtual engineering. On the basis of parametric geometry generation, different methods and tools, which are able to increase the efficiency in automotive development processes, are improved, developed and implemented in industrial applications. Especially in concept phasesproduct development, the significantly reduced design and time effort for design- and packaging studies, functional concepts, feasibility studies and other tasks result in a quick generation of basic data for different discussions. In this way the developed strategies of parameterized associative design in combination with the possibilities of external data or application implementation, are able to significantly support the 3D-CAD design and mock-up processes in virtual product development processes.
The project treats the development of methods and strategies for the support of automotive body development. The implementation of knowledge-based design methods and the application of parametric-associative design methods state the basis for the creation of efficient integrated design processes. The project focuses on the integration of vehicle styling and engineering processes, whereas the developed methods also are able to support the data transfer to adjacent development processes, as there are simulation and calculation.
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Patrick Rossbacher
Martin Prenner
Markus Salchner
Severin Stadler
Inmaculada Viana Alvarez
Christian Wutte
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Petra Bressnig
Mario Hirz
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