In the past, I have been teaching at Vienna University of Technology and at Graz University of Technology, mostly in the areas of Image Understanding, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Digital Image Processing. I have written a book on Image Understanding in German: "Bildverstehen", Springer, 1994.

In 1997-1999 I was a visiting professor at Graz University of Technology in the areas of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, and during this period I also gave several lectures in fundamentals of Computer Graphics, selected topics of Computer Graphics, and CAD systems.

Currently, I am teaching three courses that are all related to my main research interests: Image and Video Understanding (Bildverstehen), Image Based Measurement (Bildgest├╝tzte Messverfahren) and Optical Measurement Methods (Optische Methoden in der Messtechnik).

I have been co-teaching Scientific Communication since 2007, the first two years together with Katherine Tiede, and since 2009 together with Nick Scott.

In addition to my main expertise in Image Analysis, I am involved in basic teaching in Electrical Measurement (Sensors, Signal Processing - Messtechnik II)