Selected Publications of Axel Pinz

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C. Feichtenhofer, A. Pinz, R. Wildes.
Dynamic Scene Recognition with Complementary Spatiotemporal Features.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2016.

C. Alexander, A. Pinz, C. Reinbacher.
Multi-scale 3D rock-art recording.
Digital Applications in Archaeology and Digital Heritage, 2(2-3):181-195, 2015.

S. Segvic, K. Brkic, Z. Kalafatic, A. Pinz.
Exploiting temporal and spatial constraints in traffic sign detection from a moving vehicle.
Machine Vision and Aplpications, 25(3):649-665, 2014.

M. Fussenegger, P. Roth, H. Bischof, R. Deriche, A. Pinz.
A level set framework using a new incremental, robust Active Shape Model for object segmentation and tracking.
Image and Vision Computing, 27:1157-1168, 2009.

A. Opelt, A. Pinz, A. Zisserman.
Learning an alphabet of shape and appearance for multi-class object detection.
Int. J. Computer Vision, 80(1):16-44, 2008.

G. Schweighofer, A. Pinz.
Robust pose estimation from a planar target.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 28(12):2024-2030, 2006.

A. Pinz
Object Categorization.
Foundations and Trends® in Computer Graphics and Vision, 1(4), 2006. Printed and bound version.

A.Opelt, A. Pinz, M. Fussenegger, P. Auer.
Generic object recognition with Boosting.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 28(3):416-431, 2006.

M. Ribo, M. Brandner, A. Pinz
A flexible software architecture for hybrid tracking.
Int.J. of Robotic Systems, 21(2):53-62, 2004.

M. Ribo, P. Lang, H. Ganster, M. Brandner, Ch. Stock, A. Pinz.
Hybrid tracking for outdoor augmented reality applications.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 22(6):54-63, 2002.

L. Yin, A. Basu, St. Bernoegger, A. Pinz
Synthesizing realistic facial animations unsing energy minimization for model-based coding.
Pattern Recognition, 34:2201-2213, 2001.

M. Ribo, A. Pinz
A comparison of three uncertatinty calculi for building sonar-based occupancy grids.
Int.J. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 35:201-209, 2001.

H. Ganster, A. Pinz, R. Roehrer, E. Wildling, M. Binder, H. Kittler
Automated melanoma recognition.
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 20(3):233-239, 2001.

K. Wiltschi, A. Pinz, T. Lindeberg
An automatic assessment scheme for steel quality inspection.
Machine Vision and Applications, 12: 113-128, 2000.

L. Paletta, A. Pinz
Active object recognition by view integration and reinforcement learning.
Int.J. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 31(1-2):71-86, 2000.

H. Borotschnig, L. Paletta, M. Prantl, A. Pinz
Appearance based active object recognition.
Int.J. Image and Vision Computing, 18(9):715-728, 2000.

Th. Auer, A. Pinz
The integration of optical and magnetic tracking for multi-user augmented reality.
Computers & Graphics, 23(6):805-808, 1999.

H. Borotschnig, L. Paletta, M. Prantl, A. Pinz
A comparison of probabilistic, possibilistic, and evidence theoretic fusion schemes
for active object recognition.
Int.J. Computing, 62(4):293-319, 1999.

P. Schallauer, A. Pinz, W. Haas
Automatic restoration algorithms for 35mm film.
VIDERE, MIT press, 1(3):60-85, 1999.

A. Pinz, St. Bernoegger, P. Datlinger, A. Kruger
Mapping the human retina.
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 17(4):606-619, 1998.

A. Pinz, M. Prantl, H. Ganster, H. Kopp-Borotschnig
Active fusion - a new method applied to remote sensing image interpretation.
Pattern Recognition Letters, 17(13):1349-1359, 1996.

A. Pinz, M. Prantl, H. Ganster
A robust affine matching algorithm using an exponentially decreasing distance function.
J.UCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science,Springer, 1(8), 1995.

A. Pinz
Springer 1994.

A.Pinz, M. Zaremba, H. Bischof, F. Gougeon, M. Locas
Neuromorphic methods for recognition of compact image objects.
Machine Graphics and Vision 2(3):209-230, 1993.

H. Bischof, W. Schneider, A. Pinz Multispectral classification of Landsat-images using neural networks. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 30(3):482-490, 1992.