Planning, Construction

Planning, Construction

Planning and construction of new railway lines, or the extension of existing ones, require a target timetable which itself is based on demand forecasts. Connections to the existing network and its timetable are...

Operation, Maintenance

Operation, Maintenance

The main research activities of the institute cover the interaction of quality of investment and maintenance requirements and therefore the optimization of life-cycle-costs of railway tracks. A precondition for the assessment...



Research of technical maintenance options is complemented by economic assessments based on life cycle costs. Therefore, finding the economically best alternative for investment and maintenance...


Welcome to the Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy

The Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy has been an independent department within the Faculty of Civil Engineering since 1961 and is devoted to said topics in research and teaching.

The institute is a member of the Research Cluster Railway Systems (RCRS).


Awards Staff
Ursula Ehrhart
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2021 
Markus Loidolt
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2020
Stefan Offenbacher
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2020
Stefan Offenbacher
FSV-Preis 2019
Martina Zeiner
European Friedrich-List-Preis 2019
Matthias Landgraf 
FSV-Preis 2017
Michael Fellinger 
FSV-Preis 2016
Johannes Neuhold
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2016
Ivan Vidovic 
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2016 (recognition)
Martin Smoliner
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2015

Best Paper Award
Matthias Landgraf WCRR 2019
Matthias Landgraf IHHA 2017
Peter Veit WCRR 2016

Award-winning projects
HYTRAIL - Hydrogen Technology for Railway Infrastructure
VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis 2019
(Category Research and Scientific Studies)

Awarded Theses
Stefan Walter Peter-Faller Preis 2018
Lena Klambauer FSV-Preis 2017
Stefan Flucher FSV-Preis 2017
Fabian Hansmann 
Peter-Faller Preis 2016

Stefan Walter FSV-Preis 2011          
Fabian Hansmann
Qualitätspreis Gleisbau 2011
Armin Berghold Peter-Faller Preis 2011