Conference "Modern Rolling Stock"

Bild von Personen bei der Schienenfahrzeugtagung
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Since 1954, every year and a half a conference addressing modern rail vehicles takes place at Graz University of Technology. The Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy has been organising these meetings since 1996. Although many of the approximately 600 attendees are from central Europe, more and more international visitors and lecturers participate. As a consequence of the internationalisation and the variety of exhibitors, including rail vehicle industry, railway undertakings, infrastructure companies and research facilities, the conference has become a European get-together.

The 46th edition will take place from September 6th to 9th, 2020.

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Intelligent Rail Summit 2018

Programmkonzept des Intelligent Rail Summits 2018
© Landgraf - TU Graz/EBW

Matthias Landgraf and Johannes Neuhold are program managers for the Intelligent Rail Summit 2018.

We are organising this event together with from the Netherlands. This year’s conference will take place in Malmö. We have already confirmations from a variety of speakers from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, UK and many more representing infrastructure managers, academics and industry. 

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into a sustainable asset management.”

Intelligent Rail Summit 2018 covers the measurement, analyses, storage and application of data within railway infrastructure. Within this two-days conference we want to discuss the following questions:

-          Why data is important for Railway Infrastructure Management?
-          How to measure Railway Infrastructure Assets?
-          How to analyse data in order to turn it into crucial information?
-          How to collect, store and manage data?
-          How to establish a proper Railway Asset and Life Cycle Management?

Day one is dealing with “Digitalization in Railway Infrastructure Monitoring”. There, we will discuss the need for big data as well as different measurement systems and innovative data analyses.

The second day comprises “Railway Infrastructure Asset Management”. This includes data management and turning data into crucial information for evaluating the asset condition. This will serve as an input for a proper asset and life cycle management strategy. Afterwards, we will hear how other transport modes are managing their assets.

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Track Access Charges

Bühne bei der TAC 2018
© Vidovic - TU Graz/EBW

Track Access Charges are currently being discussed throughout Europe. The development of demand-based track access charges on a cost by cause principle is a major research area of the Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy. For this reason, the international conference “Track Access Charges” under the direction of the institute was established in 2011.

After conferences in Vienna (2011), Frankfurt/Main (2015) and Bern (2016), the last one took place in Amsterdam in 2018.

The next conference “Track Access Charges Summit 2020” will be hosted in Riga in 2020.

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Intelligent Rail Summit 2016

Bild einer Präsentation während des Intelligent Rail Summits 2016
© Landgraf - TU Graz/EBW

From November 22nd to November 24th 2016, the “Intelligent Rail Summit 2016” took place in Naples.

During the conference, the following topics were discussed:

- Wayside Train Monitoring Systems
- Infrastructure Measuring & Monitoring
- Big Data in Railway Operations

As program committee of the topics “Infrastructure Measuring & Monitoring” and “Big Data in Railway Operations”, the institute heavily contributed to the rail summit.

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