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!!! Important information for all electrical engineering students !!!

We are excited to announce that starting from the next academic year (WS2023/2024), students of "Mikroelektronik und Schaltungstechnik" will have the opportunity to take "VO 431.121 Power Electronics 2" as an elective course in the module "Electronic Systems".

And here's the best part: Credits earned from this course can be transferred once the curriculum is changed!

Don't miss out on this opportunity and enrol for "Power Electronics 2" this semester already (it's not too late) and broaden your knowledge in the field of power electronics.

Stay tuned for more updates!

09. March 2023

It's that time again! We are hiring!

The Electric Drives and Machines Institute is looking for a new PhD student in the field of power electronics to work with our partner Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) on non-isolated onboard chargers for electric vehicles.

If you are interested in the position, just contact us at eampositionnoSpam@tugraz.at.

For more details, see the following document.


30. November 2022

Save the date!

On 31 May, the event "Power Electronics - The Hidden Champion" will take place at TU Graz.

Among other presentations, the head of the power electronics group at EAM, Prof. Michael Hartmann, will present the current state of research at the institute.

There will be free food and drinks after the event. Don't forget to register at graz@young.ove.at.

25. May 2022

Call for Papers!

A new special issue of the technical-scientific journal e+i on emerging topics in power electronics will be released in February 2023.
It is published by Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (OVE) and this issue will have Prof. Michael Hartmann, head of the power electronics group at EAM, as guest-editor.
More information about the submission, the topics, and relevant deadlines can be found in the attached document.


19. May 2022

Computational Electrical Machine Laboratory. Thermal modeling, transient analysis, geometry description and robust design.

The EAM is part of the German-Austrian joint research program of TU Graz and TU Darmstadt which has been approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Austrian Science Fund FWF. The project is funded with a sum of more than eight million euros and aims to simulate and optimize electrical drive systems through computational engineering.


ECCE Conference

IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE) 2021 is over and, although held virtually, brought a great mix of interesting paper presentations, tutorials and inspiring talks.
Stefan Leitner, Nejat Saed and Benedikt Riegler from the EAM participated in the conference with a total of four publications on the topics of fractional horse power machines and three-phase converters for electric drives.
Be ready for the next ECCE where we will be present again!

19. October 2021

DENISE - EAM is part of one of the first prestigious doc.funds.connect consortiums funded by FWF.

The programme will research on electronics-based systems for future-oriented applications and be carried out in tight cooperation with Profs. Kay Römer and Olga Saukh from TU Graz and Profs. Christian Vogel and Joachim Schauer from FH Joanneum.


07. October 2021

New Professor at EAM

The Electric Drives and Machines Institute would like to give a warm welcome to Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.sc.ETH Michael Hartmann, who joins our institute as a full professor in the interesting field of power electronics at Graz University of Technology. We wish you all the best. May the switch be with you!

05. October 2021

mOre driVE Conference

On September 1 and 2, 2021, Stefan Leitner and Benedikt Riegler from the Electric Drives and Machines Institute participated in the mOre driVE conference organized by OVE (Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik) at "Haus der Ingenieure" in Vienna. Numerous experts from academia and industry from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland held talks about topics related to alternative electric drives for mobility.

Many thanks to the speakers for their interesting contributions and to OVE for organizing the conference!

05. October 2021

Prof. Werner Rieder-Preis 2020

DI Benedikt Riegler wurde für seine Masterarbeit

"Modularer Isolationstester"

vom Verein zur Förderung der Schalterforschung mit dem Prof. Werner Rieder-Preis ausgezeichnet.

Der Preis wird jährlich bis zu zwei Mal an den wissenschaftlichen und technischen Nachwuchs im
Bereich des Fachgebiets der Schalterforschung vergeben.

16. December 2020

IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Prize Paper Award 2019 (IAS Transactions - First Place)

Dr. Stefan Leitner, DI Hannes Grübler und Prof. Annette Mütze wurden für ihre Zeitschriftenpublikation

"Cogging Torque Minimization and Performance of the Sub-Fractional HP BLDC Claw-Pole Motor"
(IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 4653-4664, Sept.-Oct. 2019,
doi: 10.1109/TIA.2019.2923569)

mit dem IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Prize Paper Award 2019 (IAS Transactions - First Place) ausgezeichnet.

Ihre Publikation erreichte den ersten Platz und konnte sich gegenüber mehr als 720 Fachartikeln
durchsetzen, die im Jahr 2019 im IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications veröffentlicht wurden.
Die IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications zählt zu den bedeutendsten internationalen
Zeitschriften mit Fokus auf die besonderen Interessen der Industrie im Bereich der Elektrotechnik.

23. October 2020

Guest lecture of Prof. Franz BAUMGARTNER

Performance comparison: solar module-level power electronics vs.
conventional string inverters

Tuesday, 01. December 2020, 14:00h
Webinar - ONLINE


21. October 2020

Guest lecture of Prof. Benedikt Schmülling (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)

Aktuelle Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der induktiven
Ladesysteme für Elektro-und Hybridfahrzeuge

Thursday, 23. July 2020, 14:00h
TU Graz, HS i1, Inffeldgasse 18, 8010 Graz / Webinar


09. July 2020

Special Issue IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification

Failure Analysis and Prevention in Electrified Transportation Applications

Jointly with Prof. Strangas/Michigan State Universtiy (USA), Prof. Muetze organizes a Special Issue of IEEE TTE, deadline: March 31, 2020, see Call for Papers.

Call for Papers

03. March 2020

Guest lecture of Univ. Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. techn. habil. Harald Neudorfer

Elektromobilität mit E-Autos – Sinn oder Unsinn?

Monday, 06. April 2020, 15:30h
Auditorium i1, Inffeldgasse 18 (HSEG058J)


26. February 2020

IEEE Chapter Board Elections

In the recent election, DI Stefan Leitner was unanimously elected as new vice-chair of the IEEE Joint Austrian IAS/PELS/IES (Industry Application Society, Power Electronics Society, Industrial Electronics Society) Chapter.

IEEE Austria Section Newsletter

22. January 2020

„from science to innovation“

©Helmut Lunghammer

At the event „from science to innovation“ on November 11, 2019, Mr. DI Stefan Leitner
was honored by TU Graz for his invention.

22. September 2019

New course "Power Electronics for Power Engineering"

The continuously increasing demand for electric power and the need for efficient grid integration
and transmission of remote large-scale renewable energy resources have revived the interest in
High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems. This course, taught by visiting Prof. Dr. Saeedifard
(Georgia Tech, US) provides a comprehensive description and overview of such HVDC systems.


12. September 2019

Keynote Presentations

of Work of the Christian Doppler Laboratory

End June and early July Prof. Muetze presented the research results of the Christian Doppler Laboratory as invited key note lectures, both in the US and in the UK, see


Guest lecture of Prof. Herbert De Gersem (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Simulating wave propagation effects in machine windings by transmission-line models

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 14:30h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F)


LV "High-Frequency Magnetics Modeling and Design"

...unique course of a Fulbright Professor!

Prof.  Charles  R.  Sullivan  is  a  full  professor  at  the  Thayer  School  of  Engineering,
Dartmouth College, US, where he directs the Center for Power Management Integration,
and is a 2019 Fulbright Visiting Professor at TU Graz.  He has 30 years of experience in
high-frequency magnetics design, holds 42 patents, and is a Fellow of the IEEE.

LV Announcement

14.January 2019

Guest lecture of Prof. Nicolae MUNTEAN (University Politehnica Timisoara (UPT), Romania)

UPT Smart Small Multi-Source DC and AC Bus
Power Grid
Thursday, September 20, 2018, 15:00h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

25. July 2018

Guest lecture of Prof. Ion BOLDEA (University Politehnica Timisoara (UPT), Romania)

Reluctance electric machines: an overview and
Thursday, September 20, 2018, 14:00h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

25. July 2018

Guest lecture of Mr. Zeger Bontinck, M. Sc. (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Efficient robust optimization of electric machines Monday, September 17, 2018, 14:00h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

24. July 2018

Guest lecture of Prof. Frede Blaabjerg

Power Electronics – Quo Vadis Monday, July 16, 2018, 14:30h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

18. June 2018

JMAG Training on Loss Evaluation

Guest lecture of Assoc. Prof. POLAJZER Boštjan (University of Maribor)

Power-system stability improvements with wind-
power generators
Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 12:30h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

16. May 2018

Gastvortrag von Herren Prof. Benedikt Schmülling (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)

Totgesagte leben länger?! – Der Oberleitungsbus im Kontext
von Energie- und Mobilitätswende
Tuesday, 24. October 2017, 13:00h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

17. October 2017

Oesterreichs Energie-Preis 2017 for Mr. DI Leitner

At the recent 55th OGE-Symposium in Hallein, Salzburg, Mr. DI Stefan Leitner was awarded Oesterreichs Energie-Preis 2017 for his Master Thesis „Internal Model-Based Control Strategies for Voltage Source Converters“.  The work had been financially supported by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and carried out in cooperation with Washington State University, Pullman, USA.

16. October 2017

IEEE Industry Applications Magazine Best Paper Award 2017 - Second Prize

Profs. Annette Muetze und Elias Strangas have been awarded the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine Best Paper Award 2017 - Second Prize for their work "The useful life of lnverter-based drive bearings: methods and research directions from localized maintenance to prognosis" (IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 63-73, July-Aug. 2016). With more than 120 articles pear year, the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine is one of the most important international journals in the field of electric engineering, with a special focus on the unique needs of industry and commerce.

10. October 2017

Guest lecture of Prof. Mehdi Narimani

Advanced Power Electronic Converters for High-Power
Energy Conversion
Tuesday, 18. July 2017, 10:30h
Library of the EAM Institute, Inffeldgasse 18/1 (HS01020F) Announcement

04. July 2017

LV "Power System Applications of Power Electronics"

...unique course of a Visiting Professor! Prof.  Maryam  Saeedifard  received  the  Ph.D.  degree  in  electrical engineering  from  the  University  of  Toronto,  in  2008.  Since  January 2014, she has been an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. LV Announcement

03. März 2017