"CEET Konkret" Brochure

The main research activities of the institute are related to topics in thermodynamics of substances and mixtures, homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions and heterogeneous catalytic reactions, mass transfer with chemical reaction, development of fuel cells, liquid-liquid extraction, high pressure extraction, distillation, drying, off-gas purification and wastewater treatment for the isolation of valuable products and the removal of contaminants.

In our applied research activities we try to construct complete processes, also including downstream processing plus corresponding process analytics. Our activities cover fundamentals, basic engineering, apparatus design, scale-up to pilot-plant size and process intensification. Application span includes the classics such as distillation or absorption as well as specific applications of membrane processes like pervaporation. Scale of operation is from bench scale to technical scale. The advantage of highly flexible combination of several unit operations is appreciated by our national as well as international research partners. Research in process intensification has developed to an established supplement. Research focus in mass transfer unit operations is still liquid-liquid extraction and liquid membrane separations. Research activities in mass transfer unit operations also address separation processes with and without chemical reaction. Applications in the biorefinery govern this research area. Isolation of low molecular weight fatty acids by esterification and distillative as well as pervaporative separation is a very intensively investigated application.

Our annual "CEET Konkret" brochure provides an insight into current research activities.


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