Mission Statement

The Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology has to contribute

  • Basics of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Mass Transfer Unit Operations
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Process Simulation Tools

to a well based and harmonized education of our students in chemical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering and pulp, fiber and paper technology. Several unit operations are subject of the practical classes in education.

We share responsibility in scientific education with the Institute for Process and Particle Technology and the Institute for Pulp, Fiber and Paper Technology. Our mission is to prepare our students for a successful industrial or academic career. Chemical engineering is an engineering discipline. Practical application of scientific tools is therefore a high priority task in education.

Any activity in chemical engineering demands a “thermodynamic permit”. In education chemical engineering thermodynamics is therefore well tuned with the basics in engineering science.

In mass transfer unit operations we make our students acquaint with distillation, absorption, adsorption, extraction, chromatography, drying, crystallisation as well as combination of mass transfer with chemical reaction.

In chemical reaction engineering our students get trained in kinetics and reactor design of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic and noncatalytic reactions.

Finally static as well as dynamic process and plant simulation is a must in modern scientific education in engineering sciences.

Advanced scientific education is mainly governed by presentation and discussion of our research activities in mass transfer unit operations and chemical reaction engineering and our research activities in fuel cell technology. We feel confident to have the abilities and the human resources for contributing to new non noble metal type catalysts in fuel cell technology.

We are very proud of our equipment in the base lab as well as the technical lab. We can provide investigation of process steps in different scale, support experiments with process analytics and validate simulation with test runs.

We are definitely convinced of our responsibility for preservation and sustainability of a vivid environment. It does govern our activities in scientific education as well as research.

To underline the engineering character of chemical engineering we gladly offer services for industrial research activities. Latter activities are subject of bilateral secrecy agreements.

We don’t fear engineering problems. We need the driving force potential of engineering problems. We gladly face the challenge of new activities, and we are proud of our active contribution to international scientific meetings.

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