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Wave propagation of two 3-dimensional pressurized elastodynamic cavities

The animations below illustrate the wave propagation of two 3-dimensional pressurized elastodynamic cavities. The discs represent cuts in the (x,z)-plane and in the (y,z)-plane. The final animation is a combination of the two former ones..




Compression test

The device below is made of steel. It is loaded by a constant traction acting normal to its upper surface, and it is fixed at the lower surface. The following pictures show the system itself as well as the surface displacement and traction solutions.


The next two pictures illustrate the stress distribution in the device.


Finally, the pictures below show the principal stresses within the body.


Below, a viscoelastodynamic column of 3m length is depicted. The column is fixed at one end, and it is excited by a Heaviside load at the free end. The animation shows the wave propagation within the column for the first 100 time steps. For an enlargement simply click on the animation below. The enlarged animation consits of a observation time of 1500 time steps (GIF, 54MB).

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