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Modeling of multiphase reactors

Multiphase reactors will gain increasing attention in process intensification. By definition multiphase contact addresses more than two phases, for instance, heterogeneously catalysed reactions combined with liquid-liquid extraction of the reaction product. State of the art apparatus design has to deal with continuous and defined contact of more than two phases.

The simple and effective Taylor-Couette disc contactor was developed to intensify the contact of two phases for liquid-liquid extraction. Recent investigations showed that this apparatus can easily handle an additional gaseous and solid phase. This opens a wide field of applications from solid-liquid leaching over reactive extraction to multiphase reactions. Description of the relationships between the interacting parameters are necessary to describe the phase contact and occurring flow regimes and provide the basis for industrial scale up. Aim of this PhD thesis is the hydrodynamic modelling of multiphase flow in the Taylor-Couette disc contactor and the application of representative processes.

Georg Rudelstorfer
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. BSc

+43 316 873 - 7474
Research field:
  • Reaction and separation process

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