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Advanced Materials Science

The four-semester English language master’s programme trains materials scientists in the development, characterisation and application of new materials. In order to discover pioneering technologies, it is necessary to develop new materials. In this master’s programme, students are taught the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge from the areas of chemistry, physics and engineering. It is possible to specialise in the areas “Metals and Ceramics”, “Semiconductor Processing and Nanotechnology” or “Biobased Materials”.

The degree programme deepens knowledge acquired in a bachelor programme with an appropriate specialist area, e.g. the programmes in Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics or Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering or Environmental Systems Sciences/Natural Sciences – Technology.  

The master’s programme, which is offered in collaboration with the University of Graz, consists of a general and integrative compulsory part, which is adapted to the different knowledge of graduates from different bachelor programmes. Students can choose from three areas of specialisation with their own catalogues of electives, meaning that they have plenty of freedom when choosing subjects and writing their master’s thesis.

Particular focus is placed on using interdisciplinary teaching to provide students with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of production, processing, characterisation, modelling and application of materials
  • Skills in applying complex scientific methods from physics, chemistry and materials science
  • Development of knowledge of chosen specialisation
  • Critical, analytical and solution-oriented thinking skills

You can find further information about the Advanced Materials Science master’s programme on the TU Graz homepage.


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