GRAZ Architecture Lectures 2018

The GRAZ Architecture Lectures take place on 12th of March 2018.

GRAZ Architecture Lectures 2017

The Graz Architecture Lectures bring international architects, artists and theorists to Graz in order to present their latest work and research on urban development, cultural theory, the social practice of architecture, the interface between architecture and art, and digital design. The lectures reflect the diverse fields studied in the institutes of the Graz architecture faculty, which stand for a holistic understanding of architecture that includes all aspects of sociocultural life: integral architecture!

The Graz Architecture Lectures 2017 take place on June 8th 2017 at 9.15 in the Aula Alte Technik, Rechbauerstr. 12/1.OG, Graz.


Roger Riewe
(Stellvertretender Dekan Fakultät für Architektur, TU Graz): Begrüßung
Hélène Frichot
(KTH, Stockholm): Architectural Environment-Worlds
André Tavares (ETH, Zürich): Echoes of Present Dilemmas

10.50: Coffee break

Martin Tamke (CITA, Copenhagen): CITA- New Modes of Research in Academia and Practice
Luis Callejas (LCLA office, AHO, Oslo / Medellin): Images of Many Natures

12.30: Lunch break

Anne Mie Depuydt (uapS, Paris): Ile de Nantes: Designing Dialogues
Martin Haller (caramel architekten, Vienna): Home Made

16.00: coffee break

Ingrid Taillandier (ITAR architectures, Paris): Housing in Paris
Silja Tillner (Tillner &  Willinger, Vienna): Urban Revitalization-Existing and New

18.00: reception by the major of the city of Graz Siegfried Nagl at the conference room of the rectorate


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