Spatial Expeditions
Berlin: Jovis, 2017
German and English, 295 pages
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ISBN 978-3-86859-853-7
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Guest-Editors: Irmgard Frank, Franziska Hederer and Claudia Gerhäusser

Space is experienced not only visually, but with all the senses. Despite this, the design and reception of architecture often barely take haptic, acoustic, and osmic perceptions into account. Consequently, in the architecture discipline there is no continuous discourse on the topic of spatial perception. GAM.13 Spatial Expeditionsseeks to fill this gap. The method of the expedition enables an experimental approach and provides the opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives with regard to built space. It explores perceptual techniques from the fields of architecture, the visual arts, music, dance and other related disciplines. GAM.13 therefore represents an expedition into experimental architecture and the unexplored aspects of built space.

The volume contains contributions by Sam Auinger, Irmgard Frank, Malcolm McCullough, Philippe Rahm, and Karen Van den Berg, among others.

Photos of the GAM.13 presentation on 27th March 2017: