GAD Awards 18+

Graz University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture is pleased to announce the 2018+ GAD (Graz Architecture Diplom) awards. On October 12, 2018 the best Master's projects of the last academic year will be honoured by an expert jury.


GAD Award
Graz University of Technology awards this prize to the best master’s theses written at the Faculty of Architecture in the past academic year. The winning theses are chosen by a panel of judges, presented at an exhibition, and discussed.

TSCHOM Prize for Residential Architecture
The Tschom prize for residential architecture has been awarded for outstanding work in this area since 2010. Residential architecture is a particularly strong discipline in Graz, which is due in no small part to Hansjörg Tschom’s period as professor of residential architecture at TU Graz.

HOLLOMEY Travel Prize
Besides his work as an architect, Werner Hollomey, a member of the Werkgruppe Graz, is also a travelling sketcher. With the eye of an architect and the skills of an illustrator he has built up an impressive portfolio of travel sketchbooks in which he has captured things he experienced on his travels and also the effects of the activity of sketching on these experiences. By sponsoring the travel prize, Werner Hollomey enables young architects to go on trips to widen their experience and knowledge.

This year, the Hollomey Travel Prize will be awarded to Diplom students who can provide proof of travel in connection with their Diplom project or whose Diplom projects feature mobility, foreign countries and travel as key topics. The prize-winner is chosen by the GAD jury.


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