GAM.15 Presentation

[Translate to Englisch:] „Outskirts (Houston) 2005/2018“ © Bas Princen


Thursday April 11, 2019 | 7:00pm
Aula | Rechbauerstraße 12| Alte Technik

Opening Words: Petra Petersson (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture)
Lecture: Philippe Estèbe (Paris)
Moderation: Daniel Gethmann | Aglaée Degros, Eva Schwab (Guest-Editors)
Music: Bertl Mütter (Posaune)

In the face of growing inequalities in access to and distribution of resources, territorial justice has (once again) become a current issue and task in the fields of architecture, planning, and urbanism. GAM.15 – Territorial Justice is dedicated to rural and peripheral spaces that have until now received little attention from this discourse. The contributions in GAM.15—coming from perspectives of urbanism, landscape architecture, regional planning, sociology, and geography—show spaces in transformation and present ideas for what forms spatial justice can take. Current descriptions of disadvantaged areas make clear that any policy aimed at eliminating or combating injustice would do well to take on specific spatial-social—i.e. territorial—points of view, and as such to rely on the expertise of planners and designers.

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