KOEN – The Institute of Construction and Design Principles accompanies students through their first year in a large number of courses. The spectrum covers fundamentals of design, introductory and advanced design exercises, one-to-one workshops, basic knowledge of materials-specific construction and group study excursions. Our teaching not only integrates theory and practice but also artistic-intuitive approaches with the technical and structural principles of building engineering.
We teach principles and skills of classical architectural work beginning with many hand sketches, which are collected throughout the year in a sketchbook, through technical drawing, model building and visual and verbal presentation techniques. The unifying aim of all these activities is to get to know the possibilities of conceptual thinking, the tools for describing spatial perception and strategies of research-led design in contemporary spatial contexts. Model building in our model-building workshop is a strong component of the teaching in the bachelor cycle, as an important element of describing and representing three-dimensional spaces.
The institute has the main responsibility for the first two semesters of the Bachelor’s programme and thus is located at the threshold between general knowledge and specialised architectural knowledge. This position is reflected in our work with exhibitions, publications and research.




Institute of Construction and Design Principles
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