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AZ5 © M. Hausleitner

The architecture drawing studios at TU Graz are spaces for creativity, learning and teaching where students organize themselves autonomously. There are a few rooms which are available for use as innovation spaces where self-organized learning processes are allowed. These rooms are located on the Alte Technik campus and  in Münzgrabenstraße and are managed and maintained by their own collectives. Membership in one of the TU Graz drawing studios is at the discretion of the organizers of each individual studio.

At irregular intervals the TU Graz drawing studios host project talks with active architects, as well as lecture series and student parties in their own spaces. They also participate in the organization of the annual summer party Graz Open Architecture at the end of the summer semester.

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List of public drawing studios

Architekturzeichensaal 0 (AZ0)
Architekturzeichensaal 1 (AZ1)
Architekturzeichensaal 2 (AZ2)
Architekturzeichensaal 3 (AZ3)
Architekturzeichensaal 4 (AZ4)
Architekturzeichensaal 5 (AZ5)
Architekturzeichensaal Turm (AZTurm)
Architekturzeichensaal plus (AZ+)