Digital Workshop

In the digital workshop, the students of our faculty have four laser cutters and two 3D printers at their disposal. The workshop is located in Kronesgasse 5 and is managed by the Institute of Architecture and Media. 

Laser cutters are machines that use a laser beam to cut materials with high precision and speed. Like a digital Stanley knife, they cut different materials such as thin paper, cardboard or plywood but also 10mm thick acrylic glass.

In the first semester, the students are given an introduction to the handling of the devices within the scope of the course "Methods or representation". Afterwards, they can hire by means of a digital registration system into the digital workshop and use the machines independently. They have to bring along only the digital data of the planar shapes that are to be cut out. The data is usually prepared in a CAD or vector-capable desktop publishing program at home and the students have to send it to the machines in the digital workshop.

In addition to the laser cutters, there are also 3D printers in the digital workshop that can be used for printing architecture models of all kinds. It is operated by members of the Institute of Architecture and Media. Since the 3D printer does not forgive any errors the students are often supported during the preparation of the data before printing, so that they can deliver a cleanly modeled digital 3D model. This machine is mainly used for very fine models or free-form geometries, which are difficult or impossible to be built by hand.

The use of these CNC-controlled machines is an ideal addition to the handmade model making, while the models also receive an unprecedented precision.


For further information and  the reservation of the lasercutter please visit the website of the Insitute of Architecture and Media