In the making: GAM.14 Exhibiting Matters

The dissolution of the “traditional“ artwork as well as the division of labor within the specified and increasingly intersecting fields of art and architecture makes a reevaluation of the spatial, curatorial, temporal, and institutional aspects of exhibiting necessary. In particular, the act of exhibiting is currently being shaped more and more by the embrace of a deliberate refusal of temporal and spatial closure, thus also bringing forth new sites for investigative (dis)play, media manifestations, and crossover collaborations. GAM.14 collects current positions from the disciplines of art and architecture that address the potentials of sites of exhibiting to act as laboratory spaces in which the urgent social, political, and ideological challenges of our time can manifest themselves.

The volume includes contributions by Ivana Bago, Nicolas Bourriaud, Ana Dević, Andrew Herscher, Sami Khatib, Wilfried Kühn, Ana Maria Leon, Maria Lind, What, How & for Whom/WHW, among others.

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