Faustformel Tragwerksentwurf
Philippe Block/Christoph Gengnagel/Stefan Peters
Assisted by Marcel Aubert/Eva Pirker/Ines Prokop
Munich: DVA Architektur, 2015
Expanded and updated edition
German, 240 pages, paperback with flap
ISBN 978-3-421-03904-0
EUR 49.40

The book offers architects and building engineers a simple tool for study and practice. It explains complex relationships in a clear and concise manner and enables the user to determine the most important planning parameters quickly and roughly. The aim is to allow aspects of structural form, load transfer, material, and transition to enter into the architect’s plan from the very beginning, allowing the structural design to become an integrative component of the overall concept.

Stefan Peters is professor of Structural Design and since 2013 dean of the faculty of architecture at Graz University of Technology.
Eva Pirker is an university assistant at the institute of Structural Design at Graz University of Technology.