Architectural Scale Modelss in the Digital Age. Design, Representation and Manufacturing
Milena Stavrić/Predrag Šiđanin/Bojan Tepavčević (eds.)
Vienna: Springer, 2013
English, 260 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-99043-526-7
EUR 60.49

Making physical models of complex geometric shapes and their multiple structural connections is a major challenge in the age of advanced digital technology and parametric design in architecture. This approach requires new modeling strategies, technology and methods which are introduced in this book. Complex geometric forms generated using virtual media can be tested and validated only by means of physical models, which also make it possible to assess their practical application. The complexity of contemporary architectural design requires the mastery of new methods of producing scale models, which opens a new chapter in the field of modeling. Along with the traditional methods that provide the basis for modeling, this book presents the principles of digital NURBS modeling, parametric modeling, digital modeling support, and model creation, in addition with a number of tutorials, practical advice and examples found in architectural practice today.

Milena Stavrić teaches and conducts research in the Institute of Architecture and Media at Graz University of Technology.