Unconventional geometric shapes and free-form smooth surfaces have always been something that architects have wanted to design and build. In the history of architecture only figurative representations of these forms could be produced and the design process was restricted by representation media and scale. The development of digital technologies in the last fifteen years has allowed a formal freedom in design and definition of non-standard architecture. Non-standard architecture produces endless series of exceptions which means that traditional tectonic processes in building technology can hardly be implemented. For architects dealing with such non-standard structures in architecture causes many problems and its implementation is a great challenge and yet many questions are unsolved. This omission leads to the inability to build non-standard architecture and opens up whole new field of basic research at the interface to applied research.

Project duration:
2009 –2012

FWF Austria Science Fund

Project management:
A. Wiltsche, Institute for Architecture and Media, TU Graz

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