Wilhelm Christian Haub

Wilhelm Christian Haub (2012), Domestic Architecture of a New Society, Institute of Housing; 1st reviewer: Hansjörg Tschom, 2nd reviewer: Max Haller, 3rd reviewer: Josef Ploder; 315 pages, German.

This doctoral dissertation attempts to give answers with regard to the future development of domestic architecture as well as to which new requirements in the area of domestic living and living or housing environment will be of importance in the future. During the transition from an industrial society to a knowledge-based society domestic living faces new challenges. The historic retrospect and the discussed examples, beginning with the industrialization, are separated in two groups: on the one hand the group of housing types which gives an overview of the actual housing situation of the broad masse of the population and on the other hand the group of housing models which contains forward-looking projects and ideas. The historic retrospect points out that housing has always been subject to a continuous transformation process and the social transition has always resulted in changes, restructuring and adaptation of housing situations. The second part of this thesis analyzes the development processes and influencing factors that affect housing in the next decades based on statistical evidence. In doing so, this thesis does not only state facts but also reflects on the transformation processes within society that are crucial for the housing situation. The resulting knowledge pool of historic retrospect and social transformation processes form the basis for the third part of this thesis which contains requirements for necessary new structures in the area of housing and living environment. The objective of this thesis is to phrase a theoretical foundation of a housing model, which takes the future social transformation processes into account. The resulting requirements regarding housing and living indicate clearly that current housing models cannot meet the new requirements and need to be rethought when planning and developing new projects.

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