Vesna Balta

Vesna Balta (2011), A Methodology for Acoustically Superior Spaces or An Acoustics Handbook for Architects, Institute of Architectural Technology; 1st reviewer: Roger Riewe, 2nd reviewer: Hrvoje Domitrovic; 229 pages, English.

Building acoustics is the necessary noise protection in space and room acoustics is the enrichment of the space with high quality sound. In consequence of the above distinction, it is logical to start exploring acoustics as follows in this dissertation. In the introductory chapters in PART A the basic physical characteristics of the sound are discussed. Sound is presented in its physical base. In PART B room acoustics is presented and explained. PART C is about the methodology of designing and the use of room acoustics rules. In PART D there are seven examples, and explanations about the acoustics of a major group of buildings are presented.

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