Marc Benjamin Drewes at "Am KOEN zu Gast".

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Entitling his lecture “Flüsse & Collagen” Berlin architect Marc Benjamin Drewes talked in digital format about his professional experience in construction and design. Drewes, who is also interim professor for creation, visualization, building construction, and design principles at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, chose the example of the modification of a 1960s-built structure in Berlin to explain his design philosophy. The project stands out due to its feeling of generosity, spatial flow, and play with materials, patterns, and colors. Drewes’ work with existing buildings is positioned between reinterpretation and history, between existing elements and intervention. In his talk he also advised architecture students to always work with several versions of a design as well as spatial flow diagrams when developing projects. Drewes also believes that greater importance needs to be attached to clear communication with clients as experience has taught him that design is never a straightforward process.

The WebEx event was presented by Petra Petersson and Armin Stocker from the Institute of Construction and Design Principles (KOEN) and was participated in by students at Graz University of Technology as well as students from Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. 

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