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Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten receive German Design Award 2020


Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten received the German Design Award 2020 for their Project "Haus zwischen den Bergen". Short project description: A specific approach to the building tradition and a special respect for the landscape characterize the building in Ausseerland. To combine this particular...

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Concrete Student Trophy 2019


Im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung "Entwerfen spezialisierter Themen" betreut durch Gernot Parmann und Jana Rieth vom Institut für Tragwerksentwurf in Kooperation mit Dirk Schlicke und Michael Mayer vom Institut für Betonbau der TU Graz konnten insgesamt acht interdisziplinäre Studierendenteams,...

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IASS Symposium 2019


At this year's IASS Symposium in Barcelona, three student teams (supported by the Institute of Structural Design) qualified for the Research Pavilion Competition. Two of the teams received prizes from 30 international participating working groups: Congratulations to the team of Tonia Ludwig and...

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GAD Awards 19 First Prize: Helena Eichlinger: "Holes. Open-cast lignite mining in the Rhineland as an architecture"


Helena Eichlinger: " Holes. Open-cast lignite mining in the Rhineland as an architecture" Supervisor: Daniel Gethmann, Institute of Architectural Theory, History of Art and Cultural Studies The focus of this master thesis is the examination of open-cast lignite mining in the region of Niederrhein,...

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amm in Tischler Journal


Tischler Journal has dedicated an article to amm - ArchitektInnen machen Möbel. The title "Charakterköpfe" (character heads) refers to the high-quality design furniture that is created by students in the course "Furniture Design Production," and which consistently has its own character. The whole...

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ORF Report: "Seminar on Furniture Design and Production" (amm)


On May 21, 2019, ORF presented a report in the program "Steiermark heute" about the course "Seminar on Furniture Design and Production" and about amm - Architektinnen machen Möbel. Report

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The 15 Most Beautiful Books in Austria 2018


The Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria and the Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade are together hosts of the competition "The Most Beautiful Books in Austria". An expert jury evaluates the submitted books and selects 15 of them as "The Most Beautiful Books in Austria 2018". The...

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Ferdinand Schuster (1920–1972) -- The Architectural Oeuvre


A project of the Institute of Architectural Theory, Art History and Cultural Studies In the OeNB research project "Ferdinand Schuster (1920-1972): The Architectural Oeuvre", architectural documents, illustrations, written work and plans are collected and indexed to document Ferdinand Schuster’s...